Beaute Pacifique Superfruit Skin Enforcement Night Cream – 50ml

Beaute Pacifique Superfruit Skin Enforcement Night Cream – 50ml

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The ideal companion to the Beaute Pacifique Superfruit Day Cream, this night cream for all skin types is designed as an effective age-prevention system for younger people who have not yet, or are only just started to see signs of visible ageing.

It’s incredibly strengthening and enhances the skin’s ability to cope with stress while improving the first signs of premature ageing. It starts by repairing any existing signs of ageing such as fine lines and darkening spots. 


Then, with prolonged use, Beauté Pacifique Superfruit Night Creme uses the natural antioxidant power of superfruits to prevent the accelerated ageing that free radicals and environmental damage can cause. The superfruits have a high content of antioxidants that protect skin cells and promote the formation of new ones. At the same time, the skin’s moisture level increases and the appearance of blemishes, redness, and pigment flaws is reduced. 

The result is skin that is a protected, revitalised and renewed.