Nimue Skin Refirmer - 50ml

Nimue Skin Refirmer - 50ml

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Nimue Skin Refirmer is a high-tech multi-functional rejuvenation treatment with advanced refirming and anti-ageing technology against wrinkles, expression lines and sagging on the face, neck and décolleté.

A blend of peptides help to reduce muscle contractions and reduce wrinkle depth. Firmness and elasticity are increased resulting in smooth, supple and plump skin.

Suitable for a normal to dry skin types with ageing concerns.


  • Reduces muscle contractions and wrinkle depth.
  • Increases firmness, elasticity and reduces sagging of aged skin
  • Offers moisturisation, barrier repair and antioxidant protection.
  • Promotes smooth, soft and supple skin.


Ingredients: Polypeptide, Tetrapeptide, Octapeptide, Hexapeptide, Tripeptide, Manilkara Multinervis Leaf Extract, Inca Omega Oil, Sorghum Bicolour Stalk Juice

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