Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules - 20 x 2ml

Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules - 20 x 2ml

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The bad news is naturally we start losing Hyaluronic acid as we age. It starts to decline in our our 20s and there is only 50 percent left with the age of 40. By 60 we only have around 10 percent.

That's where these clever ampules come in. They are manufactured through unique bio-photonic process in which the particle size of the original long-chained molecule is micronized and dehydrated in such a way that it can be infiltrated into the skin without chemicals.

It is different to other Hyaluronic compounds - those can provide a quick but very short-term improvement effect on the surface of the skin and only store the moisture until they get washed off again. However, these biologically active Hyalupure®️ Hyaluronic acid ampoules provide a sustainable effect. Our HA is micronized and dehydrated so that it can easily penetrate into the skin, without chemical additives, and gives the skin the ability to regenerate its former moisture storage. This effect is felt especially when used as a treatment every five days in the evening. For very dehydrated skin every 2-3 days is recommended.

•    Free from alcohol and preservatives
•    Free from preserving fruit acids and metals
•    Free from synthetic fragrances and emulsifiers
•    Free from synthetic penetrating agents
•    Free from allergenic substances - tolerable like water, pregnancy safe


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