Beaute Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask - 50ml
Beaute Pacifique Deep Pore Mask

Beaute Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask - 50ml

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Suffer oily skin or breakouts? This intense Beaute Pacifique cleansing mask binds and releases all excessive oil from the surface of the skin. Containing three different forms of clay, each capable of binding and removing oily residues, it also boasts peach extract as well as camphor, which provides a mild analgesic action, great for painful breakouts. 

On normal skin, it is best used once a week as a treatment after cleansing.
On combination and oily skin, use two to three times per week. 

Apply to the face, avoiding the eye area. Let the mask work its magic 10 minutes or until it has totally dried. Rinse with lukewarm water before commencing your usual routine.

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