Nimue Cleansing Gel refill 140ml

Nimue Cleansing Gel refill 140ml

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Nimue Cleansing Gel is a soap-free, 2-in-1 cleanser that gently removes make-up including eye make up and impurities whilst providing a light exfoliation.

Nimue Cleansing Gel will leave the skin perfectly clean, revitalised, fresh, comfortable and with no oily residue.  

Suitable for all skin types.

Nimue offers eco friendly refill options for their cleanser, conditioner and exfoliants. Please keep your original bottle and just replace the product part.


  • 2 in 1 face cleanser and eye make up remover.
  • Promotes a clean, refreshed, soft and clear skin.
  • Light exfoliation stimulating cell renewal.
  • Gently hydrates


Key ingredients:
Vitamin A Ester (Antioxidant and cell renewal), Vitamin E (Antioxidant), 1.4% Triple (Glycolic, Citric, Lactic) Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex (prepares skin and optimises ph for skin renewal).