“Are you lucky? Then you must have been treated by Carina. The only reason why Carina could not improve your skin & wellbeing would be because you have not listened. Listened to her sound forthright advice & applied it to the letter. In true Carina style treatments & recommendations always have your best interest at heart. What a natural revitalising & healing touch .... hmmm is this why Carina is referred to as ‘Therapist to the Stars’ ?” — Victoria

“Finding Carina has been such a blessing - I never thought I would meet a skin expert that is really focused on the health and happiness of my skin with the science behind it. Carina only uses science-backed products, ingredients and techniques and her skill level is exceptional. I have never been confident to have a facial anywhere but I would trust Carina with my skin forever! If you’ve ever been nervous to have a proper skin assessment and facial then you must visit Carina, she is truly dedicated to the craft of skin treatment and care and you won’t find a more talented specialist.”  — Holly


“I went to Carina for the 3 years when I lived in Sydney, she worked miracles with my skin. I had the worst adult acne for over 2 years and had got so down about it. 3 sessions with her and I was able to go makeup free. Since leaving Sydney I haven’t been able to find anyone close to resembling her knowledge or work ethic. Helps that she’s such a warm, bubbly person too!" — Shona



“I will never forget when I first met Carina almost four years ago. I had just moved to Sydney from The States and was on a quest to find a new facialist. Being very fussy in regards to who looks after my skin, I was nervous about trying to find someone new. Carina immediately put me at ease during the first consult. She listened to my concerns, never made me feel uncomfortable and was honest about how she would customise my treatments. Her only goal was to ensure that I was more confident in my own skin.” — Jessica 


“I’ve had many problem with breakouts and clogging which has only been getting worse. Since going to see Carina, my breakouts are under control through regular extractions and deep cleansing. She is a highly trained therapist who genuinely wants to help you feel and look your best.” — Angelique


“Since I started having treatments with Carina I have received compliments about my skin several times. On a recent trip to New Zealand, the woman sitting next to me interrupted our conversation and said she just had to tell me I have beautiful glowing skin!” — Colleen


 “After coming off the pill I got terrible acne and I went from a confident person to someone who didn’t even want to go out because I felt self conscious about my skin. After a year of trying different products and treatments with no results I was referred to Carina by a family member.

The minute I met Carina I knew that she was going to be different to the other “skin specialists” I had seen. The knowledge Carina has on all aspects of skin is incredible. Instead of wasting your time with “feel-good facials” that don’t achieve anything, she bases her recommendations on science and guarantees results. Within days of my first treatment, I could see results and within months my skin looked amazing.

I really appreciate that Carina did not push any products on to me and instead slowly transitioned me on to the range, replacing one product at a time. I never used to be someone who was consistent with my beauty regime as I never saw results with the products I used. With the products Carina has recommended the results are so noticeable that I now never ever miss a step in my beauty regime. Carina has made my skin the best it has ever looked, and she has helped me to get my confidence back!” — Elyse


“Carina has been taking care of my skin for three years now, and I can confidently say that every person I have met thinks I’m at least ten years younger than my actual age. That is how good Carina is! She is the ONLY person allowed to touch my face.” — Daniella