About Carina

The Skin Expert Behind Belameres

A passionate skin professional with nearly 20 years experience (13 years in Germany and 7 in Australia), Carina is a skin guru to the stars. 

Adopting the philosophy that beautiful skin is created not just from the outside but also from the inside, Carina works holistically alongside some of Sydney’s most respected naturopaths, acupuncturist, nutritionists and doctors - and has done from day dot.

Always eager to learn and understand more about skin (our largest detox organ of the human body), one of Carina’s main goals is to educate her clients on why skin conditions exist in the first place and then work on fixing the problem at hand.

Informing the misinformed, Carina carries out the latest and most advanced treatments on the market – explaining how they work and what the realistic outcome will be. Carina’s peeve hate is the common misconceptions created surrounding how ingredients and treatments work, and of their delivery to our skin.

Once her clients are armed with all the facts and advised on the treatment options available to them, Carina then develops a tailored plan that promises to yield smoother, clearer, healthy, more luminous skin.

The kind you've always dreamed of.