How To: Maintain Your Skin While Wearing A Mask

As we’ve begun to see parts of Australia head back into lockdown with new regulations surrounding the requirements to wear a mask when outdoors, we’re sure a lot of you are asking “how will this affect my skin?”. Good question, let’s discuss. First & foremost, we at Belameres absolutely believe in wearing a mask at all times when interacting with others during the pandemic to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Now, let's talk skin! Although it would seem that wearing clothes on a daily basis doesn’t really affect the skin on your body, your face is far more sensitive to materials and changes in environment - therefore covering it with a mask may cause irritation and breakouts to your skin. Due to the warmth and bacteria within your breath, the air getting caught between your mask and skin creates a trapped environment producing oil and sweat, which may begin to cause issues with congestion. If you have pre-existing conditions like rosacea or dermatitis, your skin will more than likely become aggravated by prolonged mask use.

Here are a few pointers on how to maintain your skin whilst still wearing a mask:


Choose Your Mask Wisely

Cotton material on the inner side of the mask will provide breathability whereas synthetic materials will be more likely to irritate your skin. Wearing a cotton mask will allow your skin to cool down, which will decrease the risk of rosacea thriving. Make sure you have a machine washable mask and clean in hot water after every use! Find some here. 

Bamboo masks contain natural anti-bacterial and deodorising properties, and are also durable and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.


Less Makeup, More Moisturiser!

Sometimes we need to put down the foundation, and pick up the moisturiser – your skin will thank you! Using a high-quality moisturiser like Beaute Pacifique Enriched Moisturising Cream daily can not only provide the moisture that your skin is currently already needing (read: winter/heaters/dry skin), but it will also create a small barrier between the mask and your skin.


Wash Your Hands & Face

You already know, we just had to say it.


Consult Your Skin Specialist

Book in to see your skin specialist and seek advice about how your particular skin type will react to different masks, moisturisers and environments. If you’re feeling unwell, book for a free 15-minute zoom call to speak to Carina & the team.


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